Posted this on Facebook initially, and reposted here for easier sharing

Some general where-we-are-now thoughts on pandemic stuff.

TLDR — We’re in the “optimistic but…” phase. Hopefully heading in the right direction but we desperately need to avoid a twist in the tail

— The UK roadmap…

I initially scribbled this as a facebook post, but adding it as a blog as well to allow for easier sharing.

So, vaccine safety

The TLDR version is that the safety record of both Pfizer and the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccines is excellent. No vaccine-caused deaths and reported side effects are…


Your latest public service announcement, following on from the UK press conference today from CMO Chris Whitty and CSA Patrick Vallance.

#COVID19 is still really really important. You can help make it less important.

If you aren’t a fan of the decision-makers and are wondering why Johnson told you to…

(Cover photo credit —

The world of residential, nursing and domiciliary care is about as unsexy as it gets. Rarely are there headlines around poorly-paid workers entering homes and residential rooms of the elderly to change a catheter and give them a wash, and generally encourage them to get through an often-lonely day as…

Michael G Head

I’m am a researcher focusing on infectious diseases, I have a background in public health research and epidemiology.

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